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During the 4th edition of the Digital Week, the city of Bordeaux and the Stantum company invited students from ECV, ESTEI and Epitcech to distrust within first 48 hours' Hackathon. The aim of the project was the creation of digital activities on thematic challenges offered by school teachers; challenges that affect both traditional learning areas (foreign languages, maths, etc.) as the skills of the XXI Century (digital literacy coding).




2014 October
The grand prix


UX/UI, Art director


Céline Garnier
Sophia Ko
Gil Felot
Pierre Guillaume

Hipodamo adventure

The primary students learn the capacity of maths from this game, they start from a planet, count points between planets and add numbers quickly then choose a nearest way to the destination. DEMO here

The result

At last, we show all the possibility of way count to students.

The setting part

Control by the teacher, we can always change the theme, the culture of Rome for example, let's count the Roman Numbers!

Thank you for watching

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